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Look at most relevant The smurfs 2011 full movie websites out of 7.19 Million at The smurfs 2011 full movie found at, and etc. Chec. Johan Falk: Kodnamn: Lisa (2012. Johan Falk: Kodnamn. Vines that i like. This movie shows how wrong it can go,when secret police information on undercover agents gets in the wrongs hands. Because lousy politicians has decided on a publicity give anyone access to secret information.
It starts out with a guy sleeping next to his family,when masked inrtuder breaks into his apartment,with the sole purpose to kill, and his family barely escape. From there on out, it's quite fast paced
The main story line is that a long time undercover agent, get his cover blown. Because written down police information about him, gets in the hands of some Russian criminals,with the aid of a crooked lawyer.
A few off the scenes are unnecessary, and really just take up several shots of a person on an operating table, and some scenes of the family in the waiting a few shots of them visiting the victim. And some of the shooting scenes are a bit stupid,But all in all it's an excellent film and by far the best in the series. Spoilers. br> The ending was a bit stupid and reality I would expected more heads to instance the police lawyer and the second woman in charge(not sure what rank she had) They were both guilty of the situation,but fore some reason I couldn't figure out they got off scott free... But I still give the movie a one of the best thrillers I've seen out of Sweden. Only other Swedish movie I would give that high raiting,would be Hamilton Vendetta.

Johan Falck is probably the best crime series I have ever watched. Action from start to the very end. I highly recomend this.





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Johan falk - koodinimi lisa bonet. Johan falk codename lisa. Falk also faces problems on the homefront, with his longtime girlfriend and their young family, and with his superiors at work, who don t take kindly to his blunt tactics and pigheaded stubbornness. But Falk gets results, and in the end that' what matters. Johan Falk: Season One includes Episodes 1-6: Special Operations Group Brothers In Arms. Johan falk - koodinimi lisa murkowski. Johan is a two-fisted Göteborg cop who finds himself in a shoot-out with jewel robbers. After the smoke has cleared, one robber, shot by.