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Hello there. My friend has been getting on me about posting this story, as he loves these, I dont work here lady stories. Well, I figured I would type it up for him, and he could post it if he wanted. Understand that this occurred a few years ago, and I must apologize for its length. It all happened over about a five-day period. First, a little background to help you along. I have a Doctorate (PHD, not MD) and work for a state government in high level network position, mainly working with serv. [Spoilers Extended] 7 reasons why Jon Snow won't do it.


Back when I still was in university, I used to work for a hotel to make ends meet. When I started the hotel very urgently needed new personnel. So I cut a deal with the old owner about getting to choose and pick shifts, so I could visit my courses and exams. Speaking some extra foreign languages I also got a little bonus each month on top. the old owner was a great guy. He owned multiple hotels so I rarely saw him. But when he was in the house he always made a point to have drinks with the staff. [OC] Bluff. Parts: 1] lost_my_virginity_to_my_girlfriend_it_turned_me. 3] lost_my_virginity_to_my_girlfriend_it_turned_me. 4] lost_my_virginity_to_my_girlfriend_it_turned_me. 5] lost_my_virginity_to_my_girlfriend_it_turned_me. 6] lost_my_virgin.

Album of the Year #2: Quelle Chris - Guns. Post-war inquiry into Humanitys unwillingness to reveal their warrior class, requested by the honorable Karkat and Chitiiri Pt. 1. This has been bothering me for a week or so and I wanted to find a place to collect all these thoughts and conversations into one (mostly) coherent place. I 'd love for other members of the community to read them, formulate their own opinions, and tell me I'm a mouth breathing idiot for thinking what I think. Plus, maybe there's an off chance some of this gets back to the eyes and ears of the GGG team. So what better place to yell into the void than Reddit? Ok, here we go. I freaking love PoE's.

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