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Fhd L'Homme du peuple. Fhd L'Homme du peuple palestinien. A portrait. a homage. a form of definition of a struggle. at the first sigh. in fact, a film about an ordinary man who has the chance to be part of a great change. the film represents the mark of Andrzey Wayda. the technique, the construction of story, references to his filmography, the tone, the dialogues, the spirit of wake up of a profound Poland. it is not a biopic but a testimony. it is not a demonstration but only an exercise to propose a slice of recent history for understand a cause. it is easy to define it as an eulogy. in fact, it is only a tool for explain. for describe. for impose the final part of a project who explains Poland and its fight under communism. a high ambition result could be unclear for viewers. and Wales is not exactly an exception. but a good support for discover Wajda films. for search the trajectory of Lech Walesa. for remind the recent past of Poland. and the values who remain its roots.

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