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Last Broken Darkness - Character Trailer on Vimeo. Broken Darkness follows the exciting story of Sam (Sean Cameron Michael, Black Sails) a broken man who after the world ends from a massive Meteor shower and the death of his son, is forced to survive underground. This is the middle of the scale when it comes to post-apocalypse movies.
Much I ask questions about tho.
They have lived underground for over 8 years, where they plant and grow food.
How is this possible without sunlight?
Apparently, you can not stay outside because of these zombies resembling creatures. Since they have people and weapons, why not create a secured area that they can protect, and eventually expand?
But, all in all, a good movie worth seeing, and get annoyed by the little things.

By the way. I really miss the forum. IMDB isn't the same without it.


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Indie Feature film Last Broken Darkness. Music by Dean Valentine. Track - Now I take everything from you. This is not an official trailer, not for sales.

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