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Detective Conan: Fino alla fine del tempo: Guida TV, Trama e. On the day of his birthday, Conan receives a phone call at his place. The caller wants to speak to Shinichi so Conan used his voice changing tie to communicate. The caller told him he's planted bombs in several locations. And is giving him clues on where each of them are located. Prof. Asawa believed it's only a prank phone call. But Conan knows it was for real. Because prank callers don't use voice manipulators.


It was Spring, and Ran is hoping to go out on a date with Shinichi on his birthday after having a conversation with him on the phone. Which was actually Conan, who in reality is Shinichi in the body of a kid caused by an unknown capsule used by 2 suspicious men in black. Conan couldn't find any other excuse to get himself out of this mess as Ran insisted that he'd be there in person. Detektiv Conan - Der tickende Wolkenkratzer: Germany (long title) Detektiv Conan - The Movie 1: Der tickende Wolkenkratzer: Hungary: Conan, a detektív: Idözített bomba a felhökarcolóban: Italy: Detective Conan: Fino alla fine del tempo: Russia: : Spain: Detective Conan: Peligro en el rascacielos: Spain (Catalan. Detective Conan Movie Zero The Enforcer In the film's story, there is a sudden explosion at Tokyo Summit's giant Edge of Ocean facility. Playing - Watch movies & tv series stream full hd online for free NONTON FILM DETECTIVE CONAN: ZERO THE ENFORCER (MEITANTEI CONAN: ZERO NO SHIKKONIN) 2018) SUBTITLE INDONESIA STREAMING MOVIE DOWNLOAD GRATIS.

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