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This movie is like a documentary-film for a post 1997 (civil war in Albania) period narrowed down to the history of a single gangster named Cimi or Shkelqim in the long form of his name.
The camera stands still during the whole movie and is full with close shots and in my opinion they have done a great job with it. The plot is very actual but the brutality and killings are a little bit exaggerated but this is to show the real violence of the time. The actors perform great, all of them.
I would take apart in the acting, the mafioso boss Ilir which fits very good in his role and does great acting. Cimi's acting is also very good, a young man grown in the streets with extreme violence in his life. The plot is understandable and consequent, easy to follow, no complications.
The movie starts describing the actual life of the main character, Cimi. Which, with his close friend adventures in dangerous missions of delivering prohibited drugs around the country working for a drug lord named Bajram which will be later killed by competition, the other boss Ilir orchestrates his murder.
Cimi will find himself with a new job offer by Ilir (Cimi does not know yet that Ilir killed his previous boss. He accepts but in the last mission where they have been assigned the duty to rob a local casino, things go wrong between the guys involved in the robbery and Cimi understands what happened to his boss.
Cimi, even being a gangster, has some ideals and shows that money is not everything for him and goes back to Ilir to mess with him for what he did. Things go wrong and Ilir escapes and later he pays different killers to take down Cimi. During a tentative to kill Cimi, Cimi's wife is shot dead and he remains with the new born son they just had and with everyone pointing at him for what happened. But soon he will discover that his father committed suicide because he could not support anymore the results of his son's behave.
Cimi will revenge and kill Ilir helped by his close friend and an other guy which owns his life to Cimi. At the end, Cimi is murdered in front of his son from multiple guns shots. br> The message of this movie is clear, no news here; violence is a dead-end road and in this movie it has been told dressed up in Albanian style.
We can not compare this movie with Scarface or other big titles in the Hollywood realm. Thus, I am rating it for what it is without comparing.



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