Single Action Carlos Gallardo



This movie was dedicated to SERGIO LEONE. The Film is based on actual Political events of Mexico, but the Film language had to be rural. Being a Sergio fan, we decided to make something fast. we were creating something to tell, not something original. That's it. Very Simple. This Movie was shot in 11 days, with a budget of 11, dollars. It's the only movie in Existence that followed our "EL MARIACHI" production tricks, shot in the same town, using the same sets. This was just another example that films like "EL MARIACHI" can be done For a Few Dollars More. This Film was shot on 16MM. The 35MM print had a cost of almost 90,000.00 dollars. The reason for the print was because Germany and japan wanted the film for the cinemas. In reality I made this very clear from the beginning. "We are making this film for the video market and nothing else. To My surprise the sales at AFM were over my expectations and a 35MM print needed to be delivered. In the summer of 1997 "SINGLE ACTION" broke the records of YORK ENTERTAINMENT, making the company grow. KINGSIZE ENTERTAINMENT'S job was only on the Post-production, and the EXECUTIVE PRODUCER'S credit was given to them because we finished the film in their facilities and with their contacts help. That's it. That's the Single Trivia.






Get blazed! Awesome video.


Habe den 45. Weihrauch glaube seid 2003. PTB 702 / schon einige defekte Teile wie, Schlagfeder u. anderes eigenhändig ausgewechselt. Jetzt ist mir vor kurzem der Rahmen gerissen,am Anfang der Kimme. Kann die Waffe nun nicht mehr volver von Weihrauch NIE wider. Beides. GOD. DAMN. I can't stop watching and smiling watching that reload! I think you can do it faster tho Cisko. Seen a lot I know for a fact you can master, but I think only you can master those things.

I heard somewhere those four clicks resemble the four letters in Colt That may be an unintentional function, but nonetheless a cool myth. Top video as usual Mr Beige! I love learning something new everyday :D. Awesome ! 👍. Hallo ich habe eine Waffe von mein Vater gefunden.




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